Thursday, June 14, 2012

Focus on GENRE

I think it is very important for students to understand different types or genres of the books that they are reading.  Several years ago I discovered Beth Newingham's wonderful Reading Genre materials.  I loved how she posted the signs to help her students learn more about each genre.

Ms. Newingham did not have signs for every genre that our curriculum covers.  Since I wanted my students to learn about the genres for the Book Club books that are found with our SUPERKIDS curriculum, I created posters that have  "our books" pictured and that have the genres that "our books" cover.  As I introduced each book, I introduced the genre.  We talked about what would make a book fall into that genre.  If we had already read a book from that genre, we would review that.  By the later part of the year, my students would sometimes bring their own personal library books to me and tell me about the genre.    Often when we would go to the library, they would also try to find library books from a genre that they especially enjoyed.

These posters can also be used by any teacher because these are books that students could encounter in any classroom or library. 

I hope that you can use these posters in your classroom to help your students "Focus on Genre"!

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